Owner/ Director
Josh "Lasz" Laszlo: Cinematographer

Josh Laszlo has been a resident shooter for Stay Wild since our days shooting weddings under our old brand "Kindle and Coal Films". The Josh's met in Sheridan college's film program, Media Arts and quickly became good friends during the 2014 Winter Olympics where they led a whole bar in the singing of the Canadian National anthem when Canada beat the US to go on to the Gold medal game.


Since then the two have worked on various projects across the country for Bauer Hockey, MLSE and Sportchek.

Check out more of his work with MLSE at: www.joshlaszlo.com

Brody White: Photographer

Brody picked up photography not long after Josh did video production. His passion for photography has also led him across the country and into many others shooting for LIDS Canada, a set photographer for George Stroumboulopoulos, ARKELLS, When He Found Her and many more.

You can see more of his work at www.brodywhite.net